Detective Lieutenant Nevin J. Mattessich

Nevin began his law enforcement career in 2000, after graduating from Caldwell College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and completing the Cape May County Police Academy. As a patrolman in Franklin Borough, Nevin has earned numerous awards and achievements including recognition by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers for his efforts in enforcing our drunk driving laws and ensuring the safety of our citizens. In 2003 Nevin was chosen in competitive testing for the position of Detective. As a Detective Nevin and his fellow officers conducted numerous investigations and enforcement actions making hundreds of narcotic arrests, forfeitures and seizures ensuring the safety of the resident s of Franklin Borough. Nevin has also conducted countless investigations into other areas of criminality including firearms violations, assaults, robberies and domestic violence. Nevin has also been instrumental in evidence retention and served as the public information officer. He has additionally served as the background investigator for forearms applications and police recruit candidates. In 2016 Nevin was promoted to Detective Sergeant where he oversaw the entire Detective Unit. Nevin was recently promoted to Detective Lieutenant in December 2018.

Nevin has received various awards and accolades for his many years of dedicated service to the people of Franklin Borough. He is a member of the NJ Honor Legion, a graduate of the Top Gun training course and certified School Resource Officer.

As a union leader, Nevin has served in various capacities in his local Lodge-Franklin Lodge 57. In 2013, Nevin was elected as President of Lodge 57 where he has been a staunch defender of his members rights and benefits, helping to successfully negotiate numerous contract successor agreements and resolving numerous labor issues. In 2014, Nevin was elected to the Fraternal Order of Police – New Jersey Labor Council Executive Board where he served as Board Secretary. In 2016 Nevin was elected to Vice Chairman and became the Chairman in September 2018. Nevin serves on several State committees within the FOP, including the Labor, Compliance and Expansion/Retention Committees.