Officer Anthony Rando

Allentown Borough Bargaining Unit Chair

“The members from the Allentown Police Department had a great experience with the F.O.P. Labor Council, beginning with the first phone call made to Trenton. When I accepted the responsibility as the contract committee chairman for our department, I knew little about the collective bargaining process, and was a little nervous. The day after I placed a phone call to Trenton requesting help, a representative from the F.O.P. Labor Council returned my call and set up a meeting. We met weekly and talked on the phone almost every day. I never felt forgotten about, during the duration of our negotiations.

I learned so much in the past two years and whenever I had a question, I received an answer in a timely manner. Up until now, we never had a clear, clean, and concise contract. I, and the members from Allentown Borough want to thank the F.O.P. Labor Council and its staff representatives for getting us such a fair and competitive contract.”

Brother Bill Errigo

Mount Ephraim Police Department, NJ FOP Lodge #76 President

“In our very first meeting with our staff representative, we immediately established a refreshed sense of confidence, optimism and most importantly RELIEF. His knowledge and experience was clearly our opportunity, our “area of advantage” that we lacked in our early attempts to negotiate with the representatives from our Borough. Together with our Labor Council rep and the vast resources and efforts applied by the FOP NJ Labor Council team, we were able to devise a creative approach to overcoming the restrictive and degrading atmosphere that this damaging legislation has placed on our abilities to negotiate for a sustainable future. We are now nearing the final stages of our negotiation process and at this point, the Mount Ephraim Police Officers and FOP Bicentennial Lodge #76, couldn’t happier with the progress that we’ve made.

These accomplishments seemed to us, impossible, before the Labor Council’s involvement. We would like to collectively and sincerely thank the entire Labor Council team for their continued dedication and support to the NJ Fraternal Order of Police family and our lodge members.”

Jason Spera

Old Oak Lodge 6 of Salem Co., Penns Grove Police Officers Assoc.

“A member of my lodge recently had a problem arise when he put in for his retirement. You see, our contracts for many years were being done by someone other than the FOP Labor Council. The borough in successive contracts made changes to the sick time portion of our contract and in the last contract removed a section that covered the annual sick time sell back, as well as the terminal leave section. None of us, not even the attorney we hired, caught the action by the borough. When we signed on with the labor council, we didn’t even know it was a problem, at least not until the member who was planning to retire, put in his request for terminal leave.

As the bargaining unit representative in a large regional lodge, I contacted the labor council staff representative. He immediately went to work studying the background of negotiations. He reviewed old contracts and notes on the history of negotiations in the Borough Penns Grove. I was in regular contact with him throughout the process. He submitted his research to the labor council’s General Counsel, Matt Areman, who offered a favorable and knowledgeable opinion for the member. In turn, the staff representative contacted the borough solicitor and negotiated an amicable settlement. Essentially, he got the member his time, preserved the rights of our bargaining unit and laid the groundwork for our upcoming contract negotiations. Thank you.”

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