Lieutenant James Hill

Jim was elected to the Labor Council in 2021 and currently serves on several committees at the direction of the Chairwoman. Jim has been an executive board member of Jersey Shore FOP Lodge 222 since its inception in 2019 and currently holds the position of State Trustee. He previously served as the Treasurer of the Sergeants Association from 2014 to 2019.


Jim began his law enforcement career in 2005 as a patrol officer with Bradley Beach Police Department, transferring to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office in 2007. Due to his previous career as a Computer Network Engineer, he was assigned to the High-Tech Crime Unit. In 2014 he was promoted to Sergeant of that unit and oversaw the team that build out the digital forensics’ laboratory. In 2016, under his supervision, the laboratory became the first non-federally funded digital forensic-focused laboratory in the history of New Jersey to achieve accreditation. In 2019 the laboratory became the second digital forensic-focused laboratory in the country to meet the updated international accreditation standards. Jim was promoted to Lieutenant in 2021 where he continues to have the High-Tech Crime, Gangs, Homeland Security, and Intelligence Units under his command.


During his career, Jim has had the unique opportunity to assist in every type of investigation due to his role in the High-Tech Crime Unit. He has been qualified as an expert in New Jersey Superior Court as an expert in computer forensics. He has received numerous awards for investigative work over his career and was recognized by Congressman Tom McArthur in 2017 with a Certificate of Commendation. Jim holds a BA from Thomas Edison University in Criminal Justice.